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us apple developer accounts for sale:Alcohol, drug absenteeism costing econonmy $3b a year


Tweet Facebook Mail Australians are off work for an estimated 11.5 million days annually because of the ill-effects of alcohol and illicit drugs.This translates to a $3 billion cost to the economy - a massive jump from the $1.2 billion estimated cost in 2001, say Flinders University researchers.Their new analysis has been published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.The university's National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction analysis used two measures to work out the cost of alcohol and other drug related (AOD) absenteeism.One involved people self-reporting and found an estimated 2.5 million days were lost annually, at a cost of more than $680 million.The second, which found an estimated 11.5 million days and a $3 billion cost, estimated the mean difference in absence for AOD users compared to abstainers.The report's lead author Professor Ann Roche said people often didn't realise their alcohol intake was the cause of their absenteeism.RelatedCoronavirus: Victoria to lockdown COVID-19 hotspots amid state's outbreak spikePlanes diverted, roads watched,

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