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us apple developer accounts for sale:Doctors could be paid on performance under new patient care overhaul proposal


Aussie GPs could paid on performance on a proposed overhaul of Medicare. (AAP) Tweet Facebook Mail A shake-up of the way Australians visit their doctors could be on the cards.In a discussion paper handed to the federal government, the primary health-care advisory group led by former Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton says the Medicare system is failing to deal with chronic and complex health conditions.It says the current system is fragmented, with unco-ordinated care resulting in duplication of services, frustration for patients, and a bigger financial burden for taxpayers.Every two to three hours in Australia there's an amputation that could have been prevented with better management of diabetes, the paper says.One possible option for shaking up the system would see patients enrol with a single health-care provider who would become their first point of care and co-ordinate all other services, like hospital or specialist appointments.There's a suggestion for private health insurers to take on a bigger role in the care planning process, and a push to get patients more involved and informed about their care.The paper, released on Tuesday, proposes better data collection to improve care and increased use of technology.RelatedCoronavirus: Victoria to lockdown COVID-19 hotspots amid state's outbreak spikePlanes diverted, roads watched,

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