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buy apple account:Mint Condition Super Mario Bros. Is Now Most Expensive Game Ever


Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most abundant games around, as it was all but required for any Nintendo fan in the '80s. However, one particular copy of the game is far more special, and it managed to sell for more money than any other video game in history.Still sealed in the plastic after 35 years, a mint condition copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $114,000 via Heritage Auctions this week. Not only does this beat out the previous record for the game, which fetches exorbitant prices if sealed and in mint condition, but it now has the record for most expensive video game sale in history.A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. just sold at auction for $114,000, which is a new record for the sale of a single game. Bet the owners of the $100,000 one, which is an earlier printing, feel great today. pic.twitter.com/lVdcla8d19,

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