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apple developer account for sale :Just Cause Movie Finally Lands Director


The film adaptation of video game series Just Cause has landed Michael Dowse as its director. Dowse, whose directing credits include the action-comedies Stuber and Netflix's Coffee and Kareem, will direct a screenplay from Derek Kolstad (The John Wick trilogy).According to Deadline, the film "will follow the video game's blueprint, as Rico Rodriguez is on a race-against-time mission to stop the mercenary group The Black Hand. The series draws its name from the real-life United States invasion of Panama, code-named 'Operation Just Cause.'" Deadline is also reporting that the film will be getting a female co-lead giving the movie a Romancing The Stone vibe, referencing the 1984 romantic comedy-adventure starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.The Just Cause movie is one of many recent announcements of similar video-game adaptations, or others on the horizon, like the coming 2021 Monster Hunter movie, the long-in-development Uncharted movie (which has apparently begun filming), and the also long-lingering Minecraft movie.Dowse's Just Cause movie is a co-production between Constantin Films and Prime Universe. Constantin Films is the German studio behind the Resident Evil movies and the above-mentioned Monster Hunter movie.

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