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apple developer enterprise account for rent:u0027Colour-blindu0027 France avoids gauging COVID impact on ethnic minorities


PARIS - Back at the start of France's COVID-19 crisis in February, epidemiologist Cyrille Delpierre encountered a problem when trying to find out what groups of people were falling sick. While other nations had data showing a worryingly disproportionate infection rate among ethnic minorities, France had no such information due to a long-standing taboo on compiling citizens' race intended to prevent discrimination. In the end, 42-year-old Delpierre turned to data compiled by Imperial College in London on Britain's epidemic for clues about how the disease could also be affecting France. "They knew who was dying and who was surviving - we were still putting studies together," said Delpierre, who began his career studying social factors in AIDS and now heads a team of researchers in Toulouse at the state National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM). French governments have long cherished their "colour-blind" policy. Census questionnaires, job applications and medical files avoid references to ethnicity or religion. But now,

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