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us apple developer accounts for sale:More targeted approach to assist borrowers when moratorium ends - BNM


Borrowers who can afford to repay their loans should start doing so to reduce their overall debt, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said ahead of the end of the moratorium on bank loans on Sept 30.BNM said it has been working closely with banks to ensure that assistance continues to be provided to borrowers affected by Covid-19.It said banks stand ready to assist borrowers, who are seriously in a financial quandary due to the pandemic, with repayment plans and other arrangements appropriate to their specific circumstances.However, all other borrowers, who have the means should start to repay as it will reduce their overall debt and borrowing cost, it said in a statement today after the announcement by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin that the moratorium will be extended for three months for those who have lost their job due to the crisis.,

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