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apple developer account for sale :Metal Gear Solid 5 Players On PS3 Have Destroyed All Nukes After Five Years


In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there's a cutscene that only triggers if your server achieves total nuclear disarmament--that is, no one on your gaming platform has or is developing any nuclear weapons on their Forward Operating Base. It's a cutscene that requires global cooperation to unlock--and now, five years later, one group of players has managed it. It's something the world has not been able to do since the first nuclear weapons were developed in the 1940s, and it speaks to the game's criticism of Mutually Assured Destruction theory. Reddit user LoneQuacker highlighted the achievement, posting the cutscene that played for PS3 players when total disarmament was achieved. The video, posted by user "Steff", is "brought to you by anti nuke gang," according to its video description.You can watch the cutscene below, and see if it stirs up any feelings of hope inside you. "I thought this day would never come," Kiefer Sutherland's Snake intones early in the cutscene. At this point, neither did we.The cutscene has actually triggered once before in the PC version of the game, but this should not have been the case, as the prerequisite was not met. The PS3 version of the game would have a much smaller install base than most other versions--the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions far outpaced the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, sales-wise.The Phantom Pain would ultimately be the final Metal Gear Solid game from series creator Hideo Kojima. His latest game, Death Stranding, recently released on PC after a 2019 launch on PS4.

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