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apple developer:Tengku Razaleighu2019s all for Umno fighting PAS in GE15


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,UMNO should take on PAS in the next general election as the Islamist party cannot be trusted, said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. “We have always fought PAS. The party has been a pain since inception in 1951,” the 12-term MP said in an interview with The Malaysian Insight on Wednesday. “PAS has been troubling Umno since. Even today, they are troubling Umno. It’s nothing new,” said the Kelantan prince. The bad history aside, Tengku Razaleigh said PAS cannot be trusted to help Umno in GE15 as it is part of Perikatan Nasional. The 84-year-old said although PAS and Umno signed the Muafakat Nasional pact two years ago, the Islamists were insincere.  “Even in Tg Piai, when they were already with us, they did not vote for us. “PAS has about 3,000 members in Tg Piai but not even 1,000 of them voted for us. They are not trustworthy allies. Not even in Semenyih. “PAS is like a prostitute, going back and forth between DAP and Semangat 46,” he said referring to the time he helmed the Umno splinter party. He had forged an alliance with PAS under the Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah banner in the 1990 election. The Gua Musang MP said Umno had lost Terengganu to PAS because then Umno president Najib Razak had made a mistake. “The reason why we lost Terengganu to PAS was because Najib, at the last minute and without consulting anyone else, agreed to three-cornered fights. “But that puts Umno at a disadvantage as it has to fight everyone else. As a result we lost more seats and PAS benefited.”


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