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,Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor attracts criticisms once again for his remarks, this time over comments about body containers used to store the bodies of deceased Covid-19 patients. – Facebook pic, August 6, 2021.

SOCIAL media users have hit out at Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor over his insensitive remarks about body containers being available for anyone interested. The PAS leader had said in jest during a press conference today that “the body containers are sufficient and whoever wants to get in can give their names”. Earlier today, Kedah State Health Director Dr Othman Warijo said that two of the state’s public hospitals – Baling Hospital and Sultanah Maliha Hospital – are in need of cold storage containers to temporarily store the remains of Covid-19 patients, in preparation for a possible rise in Covid-19 deaths.

Social network users did not see the attempted humour in Sanusi’s joke, especially with an increasing number of Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia on a daily basis. “One-hundred and sixty people have died today, and he can still ‘joke’ about it?” tweeted lawyer Syahredzan Johan.  Others said they felt sorry for Kedahans for having such a leader. @mursyidisham asked what sin Kedahans have done to deserve such a MB.  “I am a Kedahan and I am embarrassed for having a MB like this,” @aqiraazemi tweeted. Another user with the handle @MCOPKP jeered that Kedahans were lucky to have such a “funny MB”. “No common sense. Poor Kedahans for getting a MB like this,” said @Amirul_Syakiren. @nurizatiauniiii said she was willing to give a body container for Sanusi. Last December, Sanusi caught flak for his racially charged comments. He accused MIC and DAP leaders of allegedly fanning racial and religious sentiments in response to their criticisms of Kedah’s demolition of the Sri Madurai Veeran Hindu temple in Alor Setar. Sanusi then called them incoherent and drunk, asking them not to appear “drunk on two to three bottles after only consuming one”, adding they were “drunk on the toddy of popularity” and desired to become “champions of race”.In another incident in March this year, he drew criticism for saying that the Penang government will have to pay Kedah for raw water supply. – August 6, 2021.



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