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Paper manufacturer Kooka Paper Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has denied allegations that the company had forcibly prescribed the anti-parasitic medication ivermectin for its employees.

In a statement yesterday, Kooka Paper stressed its role as a "socially responsible company that looks out for the welfare of its employees in accordance with local laws".

“We did not and do not prescribe (ivermectin). We do not force the employees to take anything. We do not encourage these kinds of actions,” said the Subang-based paper manufacturer.

Ivermectin is a drug typically used for veterinary treatment of parasites, especially worm infestations, which has been touted as a miracle Covid-19 cure despite little scientific evidence.

The statement comes from a spokesperson on behalf of Kooka Paper's management after allegations that the company forced its employees to take ivermectin and violated Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) circulated on social media.

Two days ago, Twitter user @lelakiserigala wrote a series of tweets alleging that his sister was forced to take ivermectin in front of her employers after she was infected with Covid-19.



Ingat tak kes kakak aku positive covid sebab tempat kerja tu? Harini BOSS DIA SURUH MAKAN IVERMECTIN. MAKAN DEPAN BOSS DIA K.

— SHIQNOVAC (@lelakiserigala) August 4, 2021 rr

Although he did not explicitly name the company, @lelakiserigala hinted in his thread that his sister’s employer was a “tissue paper company” based in Subang.

He had also uploaded a screenshot of the company’s website last month, which enabled Malaysiakini to trace the page to Kooka Paper’s website.

He said his sister had initially made a police report regarding the incident yesterday. However, she has since retracted the report and tendered her resignation to the company.

His sister is said to be filing a police report over the incident.

He had previously written a Twitter thread in early July claiming that members of his family had been exposed to the Covid-19 virus as a result of his sister’s employer’s SOP non-compliance.

“Yesterday, there were 23 positive swab tests and they were told to come to work. Those who are positive are also told to go to work. What is this? Merciless!” said @lelakiserigala in his Twitter thread on Aug 4.

Kooka Paper refuted the claim, stating that it does not allow infected workers to continue working in the facility, which the manufacturing company described as a “malicious” allegation.

“We do RTK tests weekly and this is for prevention screening. We find that there are some positive cases each time and have quarantined them in specific hostels.

“We disinfect our facilities in its entirety, as per requirements. The entire factory’s workers have also gotten their first dose of vaccination, thanks to the Public-Private Partnership Covid-19 Industry Immunisation Programme,” said Kooka Paper.


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