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,Exporting to the world: One of Hovid’s Good Manufacturing Practice-certified manufacturing plants in Chemor, Perak.

KUALA LUMPUR: While the global surge in the need for hygiene products and personal protective equipment in the past year has ramped up business for pharmaceutical companies, the challenge has been in ensuring a steady supply of products to meet the demand.

For Hovid Bhd, it received a drastic increase in orders from both local and international existing and new customers that was beyond its production capacity, but chose to capitalise on the opportunity by tapping on its large network of suppliers to eventually ramp up production and work with reliable partners to complete supply for export.

This was despite many hurdles, including ensuring production efficiency and cross-border supply of key medicines, alongside handling evolving government restrictions, managing workforce safety and preparing risk and operational strategies for post-Covid-19 recovery.

Moreover, as a large pharmaceutical exporter in Malaysia with a global sales and distribution network, it faces challenges in rising raw material costs and material shortage, border closures and logistical constraints, as well as the fluctuation of currencies, especially in underdeveloped markets.

That said, its managing director David Ho stressed that its employees have driven the company forward during these unprecedented times, as they have “worked tirelessly” to optimise the production of Covid-19 essentials such as hand sanitisers, disinfectant tablets and masks, as well as source reliable partners for collaboration.

He shared, “One of our greatest assets is our human capital, it is the teamwork of our committed employees that push us through this period.

“There is no single magic bullet. Hovid has been fortunate to have the support of a dedicated team that works with integrity and humility. These core values are what built the foundation of the company.”

As it celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, this culture of innovation – inspired by its founder Dr Ho Kai Cheong – continues to be the focus of Hovid’s growth, driving it to pursue scientific excellence in research and development (R&D), with an open-minded and creative mindset to explore possibilities through better health solutions.

The company – which produces more than 400 products in generic drugs, dietary supplements and consumer products and distributes to over 50 countries globally in its belief and commitment to improve lives through innovative approaches – was the gold award winner in the chemical, mineral and alloy category for mid-tier companies in the Export Excellence Awards 2019.


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