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Tech jobs are in demand but some techies will not accept offers if they do not get a positive impression of the hiring managers or when there is a mismatch in the job scope.

They also are not keen on companies that have too many rounds of interviews or if they take too long to schedule the first interview.

New job opportunities need to be exceptionally compelling and companies that have innovation at the forefront are preferred.One in two respondents in Malaysia turned down job offers because of a mismatch between the advertised job scope and the actual job requirements versus 59% in Singapore.

A total of 55% of Information and communications technology (ICT) respondents in Malaysia prefer to undergo one or two rounds of interviews

These are some of the findings of the “Tech Talent Expectations Survey’’ conducted by Randstad. A total of 778 respondents across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong were surveyed.

Randstad says Malaysian tech workers are rejecting job offers due to lack of information and a fundamental disconnect with hiring managers.

One-fifth of ICT professionals want to work in cybersecurity jobs if given the chance to restart their career.

A total of 45% of Malaysian respondents want to work at Asian global enterprises versus 43% of the Gen-Z ICT workers in Singapore that want to work at unicorns.

A total of 97% of tech respondents in Hong Kong say they will switch their specialisation if they can restart their career.CLICK TO ENLARGE



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