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RECENTLY, Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan raised concern over the growing number of citizens falling into the B40 group, pointing out that 68% of Malaysian workers possess qualifications no higher than the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

He proposed that more colleges be opened and entrepreneurship programmes for students from Form 1 be introduced to expose them to business skills, instead of spending RM15 billion a year on fuel subsidies that benefit those with more cars.

Malaysian households with monthly median income of below RM4,850 are classified under the bottom 40% (B40). Those in the middle 40% (M40) earn between RM4,850 and RM11,000 while household incomes of the top 20% (T20) are above RM11,000.

Malaysians with only SPM or lower are usually regarded as unskilled low-income workers, whereas those with diplomas or degrees are classified as skilled workers by the authorities such as the Human Resources Ministry and its agencies.

However, this is only true for those who have studied a licensed profession or pursued technical and vocational education and training. But the vast majority of diploma and degree holders studied academic programmes and are not trained to perform well in a specific job.

This explains the large number of unemployed and underemployed graduates in our country.

Most did not have a particular career in mind before and after their studies. They keep applying for a variety of jobs in different industries without the determination to excel at the workplace.

Academic qualifications may be needed to gain entry and secure high-paying positions in the public sector. But they are of little importance in the world of business and entrepreneurship that value performance and productivity, where all employees are expected to contribute.

For example, those who studied tourism in general instead of a specific sector may be jacks of all tourism trades but masters of none. Should they succeed in securing a job after graduation, they may be working under a colleague of the same age but with just SPM qualification.

Staff seniority is based not only on job experience but many other attributes such as willingness to learn, eagerness to excel, effective interpersonal communication skills, good habits and right attitude, practise discipline and integrity, taking responsibility and showing courtesy.

Most of these much-needed virtues are not inculcated in our tertiary institutions and, therefore, very much lacking in our local graduates. Instead of applying critical thinking skills towards solving real-world problems, the majority resort to plagiarism to gain academic qualifications.

In the latest internationally acclaimed Programme for International Student Assessment ranking, Malaysia was placed 48 out of 79 countries for mathematics, 49 for science and 57 for reading. Incidentally, China and Singapore scored first and second for all three categories.


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