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Rising inflation is a cause for concern. It will have a negative effect on your retirement savings.

INFLATION is sometimes referred to as a money eater, as it has a direct impact on your purchasing power.

If you are worried about not having enough money later, then factor in inflation now into your retirement planning.

Inflation increases your cost of living when prices of goods and services rise and the value of currency drops. As prices increase, your ringgit will buy you less.

For example, if you need RM60,000 in the first year of your retirement, based on a 3% inflation rate, that RM60,000 would only be worth RM33,220 in 20 years, a report said. That is what inflation does to your money.

So, rising inflation is a cause for concern. It will have a negative effect on your retirement savings.“Technically, rising inflation may actually boost the nominal value of some of our retirement funds,’’ said Manulife Investment Management (M) Bhd licensed financial planner Rajen Devadason.“However, because the real value of money is equal to the nominal value minus the inflation rate, if our returns on retirement savings – more so than on retirement investments – are negative in real value (nominal value – inflation rate) then, yes, we will have reason to fear an impending inability to adequately fund our retirement in the future,” he added.

He said the younger we are, the more important it is for us to skew our retirement funding activities toward larger weightings in so-called risk-on asset classes like equities, investment real estate and commodities.

This is despite the volatility of such risk on investment assets being nerve-rackingly higher than that of lower-risk savings and investment assets like cash and fixed income, particularly bonds.

So, if we need RM5,000 a month now and plan to retire in, say 12 years, and our personal – as opposed to the national official – inflation rate as measured by the consumer price index is a whopping 6% a year, then at the end of 2033, we would need RM10,000 a month (in future ringgit terms) to merely be able to afford then as much as we can afford today with RM5,000 a month, he said.

“This is an invisible creep that most people know about theoretically but find it difficult to wrap their minds around when it comes to actual retirement planning,’’ he said.

To avoid the impact of inflation on your savings, use 2% to 3% as the inflation rate for your retirement planning.

Keeping a lot of money in cash is also not a good idea. Have enough for two to three months’ expenses and the rest should be invested in instruments that can yield higher returns. “It is a nice feeling to keep money in cash – but it is likely to be eroded by inflation very significantly over time,’’ a report said.

You can also do many things to avoid having the crunch in your retirement days when your income source is limited. Choose investments that hedge against inflation and find ways to save at home.


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