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aws「试用」账号( to blame for flood relief fiasco


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aws{<试用《【 账号[】》>}〖「提供」〗aws《【 账号[】》、aws<全区号>、aws32v《【 账号[】》、亚马逊云《【 账号[】》出售,〖「提供」〗api ,(质量)稳定,「数量持」续。《另有》售azure oracle linode等《【 账号[】》.

DISGUSTING. That is the word that I would use on politicians from both sides of the divide, be it at federal or state level.


We are into the fifth day of the flood disaster in Selangor and yet the two governments have not sorted out their idiotic differences.

The blame game continues whilst those hit badly by the floods keep on suffering due to the unacceptable behaviour and attitude of politicians.

Who cares which agency or body is responsible and which minister or ministry should take charge of the rescue operations?

In an emergency all first responders must be activated, be it the police, army, medical personnel and fire and rescue department.

Even the Wildlife Department should jump into action.

And here we have politicians who are more interested in arguing on which way to go about handling the situation in Selangor.

The state government of Selangor has definitely failed to live up to their promises of taking care of her people.

The state government needs no permission to assist anybody in distress.  Blaming the federal government is not the answer to their inadequacy.

*Narinder Pal reads The Malaysian Insight.

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.



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