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THIS year was supposed to have been one year after Malaysia became a developed nation. It flew by and we are now entering 2022.

Many things happened in a country that is still trying to find its social identity, a work-in-progress.

The pandemic and the floods were really God-sent and we were able to see how we handle (or mishandle) national issues.

The Keluarga Malaysia slogan was put in practice by the rakyat in the recent floods. I reserve my comments on the ‘kayangan’ folks.

Be that as it may, let it be lesson learnt. Let us now look forward to a better future.

What will be the resolve for the new year?

Everyone has to play their part to produce a cohesive society. The rakyat has shown the way and it is now for all up to the highest level to emulate and do their part for a better Malaysia.

We need people to plan and act in the best interest of the country. We need somebody to show us the way forward and not backwards.

We need to see light at the end of the tunnel. We need leaders who stand by their words and not giving justifications.

We do not want to see leaders fighting each other, especially from the same group – the pot calling the kettle black – for it is not a good precedent and they will lose focus.

Get expert opinions, share responsibility, and don’t work in silos or hire special advisers who may not be fully equipped for the job.

We need leaders and not actors. It is not necessary to come and sweep our floors but sweep all the dirt from under the carpet and lead us to a path to a better future.

For us, the rakyat, we need to give due respect but it has to be earned. We must learn not to ask for too many favours from the leaders, since their salaries are not meant for us.

If we do so, it will encourage money politics. There is sufficient funding in the budget, if done justifiably.

We are sorry if we cannot hold umbrellas for leaders since we also have work to do in helping nation-building.

Climatologist Prof Fredolin Tangang from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said the flooding has been on the rise for 20 years, costing the country more than RM8 billion.

We need boats to be supplied to flood-prone areas, not another skyscraper to reach the sky while we are inundated by floods on the ground.

We are eagerly waiting for clear directions to assist in achieving national objectives.

For most, our savings have been used and please do not ask us to withdraw more. Please think of something not to burden us more.

Those in the civil service please understand the situation the country is in now.

We need your help to uncover misdeeds in the administration. A rotten apple spoils the (whole) barrel but now there are too many that will bring the country down… give them an inch and they will take a mile.

To look smart, we need to cut our coat according to our cloth and what is earned with hard labour is eaten with pleasure.


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