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apple developer account for sale :Ringgit opens lower as US$ rises, Europe lockdowns loom


KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit opened lower against the US dollar today as the greenback strengthened following encouraging news of the US COVID-19 stimulus deal.At 9.07am, the ringgit was quoted at 4.0430/0470 versus the greenback compared with 4.0375/0415 last Friday.Axi Chief Global Market Strategist Stephen Innes said despite US lawmakers looked set to toast the celebratory inking of stimulus deal, Asian investors woke up to a currency market air pocket as British pound and euro selling in early trade as a mutant strain of the virus is about to throw a chilling wet blanket over the holiday season in Europe."Still, with no US stimulus deal tabled yet and more lockdowns looming, the market is bound to get off to a rocky start this morning,” he said.Meanwhile, the ringgit was traded mostly higher against all other major currencies.It marginally rose against the Singapore dollar to 3.0387/0422 from 3.0389/0428 at Friday’s close and improved against the euro to 4.9414/9475 from 4.9451/9512.However, it depreciated against the Japanese yen to 3.9123/9166 from 3.8983/8029 last Friday and strengthened against the British pound to 5.4200/4262 from 5.4474/4540. - Bernama

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