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FORGET what 2021 will look like, Schroders is giving a peek into what 2030 will be like. These are possible scenarios as it will affect the way it invests in Asia in the next decade. Not all the scenarios will happen, and there is a possibility none will. But, it offers a guide to consider when investing for the long-term. For oil companies, it says they either face longterm structural decline and become ESG (environmental, social and governance), or they have to reinvent themselves by diversifying to become green energy players. “Given this is a whole different skill set, we expect most to fail in this area. We would be unlikely to invest in any oil and gas companies, ’’ it said. It is also staying away from all auto-related stocks, whether internal combustion engine-focused or electric vehicle focused. It is cautious long-term on shipping and ports but also wary of export companies based in one location. “It also poses a challenge to emerging markets who have an economic growth model that is based on becoming a manufacturing export base, ’’ the report said. Its forecast of 40% of global retail sales to be online by 2030 could be conservative. The decline in rents and capital values for retail and a lot of office property will be dramatic. On climate change, it is looking for companies that are part of the solution and avoiding those that are potentially creating the problems. CLICK TO ENLARGE

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