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buy apple developer account :How Tinder lets people know when you’re swiping in real time


More and more non-paying Tinder users are seeing a green dot on profile pictures, which indicates that person was online recently. — dpa What’s the point of sifting through tons of Tinder profiles just to find a seemingly perfect match – and then that person is rarely online and never available for a chat? Tinder’s solution is a green dot that appears on someone’s profile picture when they’ve been active in the last 24 hours. Until recently, the green dot was a benefit of being a Gold or Platinum subscriber, but it’s now appearing for more and more non-paying Tinder users, and in various areas of the app. But if the idea of other users knowing when you were last online doesn’t sit well, it’s possible to turn the feature off. All you need to do is go to Settings, scroll down to Recently Active Status and then toggle that off – voila, some privacy. And FYI: Facebook and Instagram also place a green dot on the profile picture of someone who’s online at the moment, and this feature can also be turned off if the user doesn’t want it. The principle of reciprocity usually applies though, in that if you turn off your green dot, you can’t see it for other users. – dpa

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