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buy apple developer account :Influx of young voters a big challenge, warns MCA Youth chief


The prospect of 7.8 million new young voters taking part in the next election is a daunting challenge the party must overcome, said MCA Youth chief Nicole Wong.In her policy speech at the MCA Youth annual general meeting today, Wong said these voters belong to "Generation Z (1995-2010)" and they think very differently from previous generations."One difference is due to advances in technology, Generation Z is exposed to too much information, hence they can be influenced by emotional incitement."This is worrying. It takes only an ember to start a flame. Moreover, they are not loyal to any party or leaders, unlike previous generations."New voters are a double-edged sword. Their support can change at any time," she added.Wong believed that if MCA Youth worked together in promoting its national development plan, new voters would understand MCA's struggle and think of their future."We need to design a good plan - jobs, lessening burdens and welfare - what the youth want is to have their voices heard."If we succeed, I'm confident MCA will exist for another 72 years," she said.Wong urged MCA Youth to not give up and instead, learn from past mistakes in order to win support."We want to tell the public, especially the Chinese, that we heard their message during the last election in 2018."This drove us to continue our struggle for social justice, good inter-ethnic ties and the country's development."Our defeat during the last elections gave the opportunity for MCA to realign its bearings with the party's original objectives, which is to develop Malaysia for all," she added. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThe Pakatan Harapan administration had initiated a law to lower the voting age to 18, along with automatic registration, commonly known as "Undi 18" and is scheduled to be in force by July.

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