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choi baccarat( chides Muhyiddin and Azmin over GE15 date


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Najib Abdul Razak has highlighted the clash of statements on the general election between Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Senior Minister Azmin Ali.

This came after Azmin, who is the minister of international trade and industry, claimed that the next general action would be held in 2023.

However, Azmin's remark appeared to contradict Muhyiddin's statement in November last year where he said that he would return the mandate to the people when the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Muhyiddin once again reiterated his promise in early January after he said that the election will be held after the independent committee formed to advise the king on the emergency finds that the pandemic is eased and it's safe to hold a general election.

Najib, in his Facebook posting today, questioned if Muhyiddin lied to the public and the parties supporting Perikatan Nasional on the issue.

"PM8 (Muhyiddin) repeatedly promised to hold the general election as soon as possible to return the mandate to the people.

"But the senior minister said the GE will only be held at the end of the term in 2023," he said.

Azmin's remark was in response to claims that the Election Commission's (EC) decision to postpone the implementation of Undi18 is aimed at preventing the new batch of voters from participating in a snap general election.

"The next election is in 2023. Who promised to have it in 2020 or 2021? They are the ones forcing us to do the election in 2020 or 2021," Azmin said.

Yesterday, the EC announced that the implementation of Undi18 and automatic voter registration has been postponed to after Sept 1 next year.


The announcement irked many parties especially youth representatives who look forward to seeing youths aged between 18 and 20 vote in the upcoming election.



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